Month: February 2018

Beware the puritanical technopanic

CAPX: Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee has called for social media companies to be regulated in the same way as tobacco and alcohol.  The justification for such action, he argues, is the risk of addiction and their influence on public discourse and democracy.

California’s proposed public pot bank is a disaster waiting to happen

CAL COAST NEWS: Opening the banking sector for cannabis-based businesses is necessary, but a government-owned and operated bank in California will only invite more problems and prove disastrous to California’s residents and taxpayers.

Dental Therapists: A new dental category may not be the answer

Because so much of the U.S. healthcare system is focused on medical expenses, benefits, and insurance programs, it’s an unfortunate fact that dental care is often neglected. An estimated 35.6 percent of U.S. adults didn’t visit a dentist last year, along with 55.3 percent of Medicaid-eligible children. Is it mostly because people cannot find enough dentists […]

Einfach krank! Wie Staat und Unternehmen die Sorge um unsere Gesundheit schüren

RUHRBARONE: Politiker und Unternehmen nutzen die Angst vor Gesundheitsrisiken, um ihre eigenen Interessen auf Kosten der Allgemeinheit zu verfolgen. Dabei bleiben Vernunft und Fakten auf der Strecke. Von unserem Gastautor Bill Wirtz.

France plans to ban BOGOF deals

EUROFRUIT: French supermarkets are to be forbidden from offering “buy one, get one free” food deals in order to ensure better returns for struggling farmers.

California eyeing State-run bank for marijuana

NOQ: “For a state that is already plagued with so many economic problems, despite its recent budget surplus, the idea of the state running its own bank should worry every person in California,” said Yaël Ossowski, the Deputy Director for the Consumer Choice Center in Washington, D.C.

France to ban ‘buy one, get one free’ offers following Nutella riots

NEWSTALK: Luca Bertoletti is the European affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Centre (CCC). He said such a measure aims to help farmers and the agricultural sector in France – but will end up hurting consumers who rely on low prices.

France’s Nutella riots prompt moves to ‘protect farmers at expense of consumers’

DAILY POST: Consumer lobby group says French agriculture must be modernised to keep prices low for ordinary consumers.

France’s ban on grocery store discounts won’t stop Nutella riots and won’t help consumers

CONTACT: Luca Beroletti European Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center luca@consumerchoicecenter.org France’s ban on grocery store discounts won’t stop Nutella riots and won’t help consumers WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, France announced it would ban ‘buy one, get one free’ deals in grocery stores throughout the country, a reaction to the Nutella riots last week. Luca […]

The U.S. Trade War with Bombardier

NORTH CAROLINA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW: Moreover, this ruling is also likely to negatively affect everyday consumers. “Such a high tariff will raise the cost of importing jets from the Montreal-based firm and deprive American consumers of the opportunity of efficient, low-cost travel.”

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