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Consumers make dozens of daily decisions and we fight for consumers’ choice to make these decisions as freely as possible. Many laws and regulations are well-intended but lead to negative unintended consequences such as higher prices for consumers, criminalization of victimless acts, and the emergence of counterfeited products and smuggled products on black markets.

We empower consumers like you around the world to fight for their right to choose.
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The Consumer Choice Center is an independent non-profit organization that aims to promote more choice and freedom for consumers. We are a consumer advocacy group made by consumers and for consumers and not by lawyers or bureaucrats.

The Consumer Choice Center works currently with thousands of consumers in the United States, the European Union and its Member States, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, several countries in Latin America, Ukraine, Israel, Georgia, and Singapore.

We closely monitor trends in consumer regulation and comment on these in traditional media, social media and engage with policy makers and regulators in order to warn how respective regulation can harm the choice of consumers. We also actively invite consumers to submit issues to us. While we try to shed light on as many issues as possible we usually pick some hot issues, secure funding and run larger awareness campaigns on these.

We are actively contributing to the debate through traditional media (opinion pieces, radio, TV, and press releases), infographics and videos through our own social media channels, grassroots activism, organizing roundtable events, conducting consumer polls, and by testifying in committees of legislatures or workshops hosted by regulators, stakeholders, and partner organizations.

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