What makes someone a consumer choice supervillain?

Willful disregard for science:
Consumers want science-based policies, not fabricated reasoning. A Consumer Choice supervillain willfully disregards scientific evidence and pushes for policies and legislation that limits consumer choice, despite the facts.

Corruption, misusing public money, or granting public jobs or contracts to their sponsors, friends and families:
A Consumer Choice supervillain is corrupt or at least borderline criminal. Nothing will stand in their way of malfeasance in their wealth management.

Oops! I did it again!
A supervillain doesn’t learn from their mistakes. They are always trying to conquer the world and to subjugate other people to their will, no matter how many times they’re stopped.

Explosive Consequences:
High inflation, bans that create large and dangerous black markets, limited consumer choice, protectionism and many other negative externalities… A supervillain’s policy always has explosive consequences.

Attacks on personal freedom and choice:
Consumer Choice supervillains relentlessly target freedom and choice, imposing their will wherever it is resisted. They hate personal freedom and responsibility, thinking that the government should solve every problem.

Lies, Damn Lies:
Supervillains will do anything to gain popular support, even lie to their own backers and voters! To a Consumer Choice Supervillain, the truth is just another problem to be solved.

Supervillains Collectable NFTs!

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