Taxi strike in Brussels: cities need to defend consumer choice in ridesharing

CONTACT: Bill Wirtz Policy Analyst Consumer Choice Center Taxi strike in Brussels: cities need to defend consumer choice in ridesharing Brussels, BE – On March 27, Brussels’ taxi drivers are organising a strike which will lead to considerable traffic jams within Belgium’s capital. They are protesting against ‘unfair practices’ through ridesharing apps such as Uber, […]

Governments are cracking down on Uber because they don’t understand it

RARE: By attempting to shoehorn Uber into taxi regulations, consumers lose out on the innovativeness the platform provides.

Stripping Uber of its license is harmful to Londoners

SPEAK FREELY: This TfL decision, by reducing choice, is not only anti-competitive, but anti-consumer, anti-worker, and anti-innovation. They have made a costly mistake in what is meant to be an open and forward thinking city.

Poll Finds 55% Of Ontarians Want Private Cannabis Shops; 48% Want Lounges

CIVILIZED: Most residents of Ontario want legal cannabis sold in private retail stores instead of government operations, according to a new Nanos Research poll.

62% of Canadians “oppose” or “somewhat oppose” banning ridesharing services: poll

CANADIAN UNDERWRITERS: More than six in 10 Canadians (62%) oppose or somewhat oppose banning ridesharing services such as Uber, according to recent polling conducted by Nanos Research.

62 % de Canadiens sont contre l’interdiction des services de covoiturage tels qu’Uber

Ottawa, ON. – Un sondage récent de Nanos Research démontre que 62 % de Canadiens s’opposent à l’interdiction des services comme Uber. Quant à leur niveau de soutien pour interdire les services de covoiturage comme Uber, un peu plus de trois Canadiens sur cinq disent qu’ils sont contre (41%) ou plutôt contre (21%) cela, alors que près […]

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