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Have Your Say on Rhode Island’s Impending 80% E-Cigarette Tax

VAPING POST: In the meantime, Senior Fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, Jeff Stier, who is a frequent guest on CNBC, and has even discussed health policy on CNN, has written to the House Finance Committee of the State of Rhode Island General Assembly, expressing his concern about this tax and explaining how it could […]

Rhode Island’s 80 percent on E-cigarettes Would Harm Consumers

Letter sent to the House Finance Committe of the State of Rhode Island General Assembly Dear House Finance Committee Member, I’m writing to share my concerns about the proposed 80% tax on e-cigarettes that your committee will consider on Wednesday, March 21st. This new tax would harm Rhode Island consumers (especially the most vulnerable), local businesses, and […]

American Cancer Society Finally Recognizes Benefits Of E-Cigs

CONTACT: Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org 21. February 2018 American Cancer Society Finally Recognizes Benefits Of E-Cigs WASHINGTON, DC – The American Cancer Society acknowledged yesterday that e-cigarettes can appropriately help smokers quit, and the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) applauds said recognition. ACS, in a clinical recommendation, tepidly endorsed e-cigarettes in their statement: “Many smokers […]

E-cigs for quitting smoking? A cautious thumbs-up from American Cancer Society

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: The pro-e-cig advocacy group Consumer Choice Center said Wednesday that “given the growing body of evidence in the U.S. and around the world that suggests the need to support the use of lower-risk nicotine products to quit smoking, the ACS was forced to either stubbornly continue its opposition to e-cigarettes, or lose their […]

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