Rejection Of Right To Try Bill Is Cruel And Inhumane



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Rejection Of Right To Try Bill Is Cruel And Inhumane

Washington DC – Yesterday, the House rejected a bill that would have given terminally ill patients the right to experimental medicines. The bill required 2/3rds support but failed to reach that mark having 259 vote in favor, and 140 vote in opposition. The majority of the opposition votes came from House Democrats, with Rep. Frank Pallone Jr stating “By defeating this bill tonight, we protected patients and supported F.D.A.’s continued role in approving experimental treatments that may help save a patient’s life”

The Consumer Choice Center condemns the rejection of “right to try” legislation and states that such prohibitions do nothing to protect terminally ill patients.

“Those who oppose the right to try, on patient protection grounds, fail to realize that we are talking about terminally ill patients. Denying those patients the right to try experimental drugs sentences them to succumb to their illness. To call that protecting patients is inhumane. Preventing a competent, consenting adult from taking a risk to save their life is both disgustingly paternalistic and incredibly cruel” David Clement, North American Affairs Manager for the Consumer Choice Center

 ***CCC North America Affairs Manager David Clement is available to speak with accredited media on consumer regulations and patient choice issues. Please send media inquiries AQUI.***

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