JUST FOOD: Consumer group Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said today that the measure is part of the coalition manifesto for the next five years. The group said the move is “overdue”.

“Luxemburgo se tornará o primeiro país da UE a realmente legalizar a cannabis, já que a República Tcheca, Portugal ou a Holanda a toleram ou descriminalizam”, disse Bill Wirtz, analista de políticas do CCC. “Isso envia uma mensagem forte para outros países da UE. O gelo está quebrado.”

The group said early press statements by the coalition partners indicate that marijuana use would only be legal for residents.

“That would be the wrong way to go, since it is not only discriminatory but could also increase black market presence in the area,” said Wirtz. “We feel that cannabis should be legal for purchase to all adults, regardless of nationality. Doing so could help create a new tourism industry in the country. At the end of the day, there is no reason to treat legal cannabis more strictly than legal alcohol. If foreigners, of age, can buy legal alcohol in the country, they should also be able to buy cannabis.”

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