Innovation, Brands & IP – The Future of Europe

The Innovation, Brands, and IP – The future of Europe group is a cross-party and cross-committee grouping at the European Parliament, with a horizontal approach to innovation and intellectual property-related issues.

We bring together over 30 MEPs representing most EU Member States, most of the political groups at the European Parliament and working in all the parliamentary committees.

Our work focuses on a number of subjects linked to the protection of IP and fostering innovation, such as:

  • Digital
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Harm Reduction
  • Consumer Goods

Who we are

The Innovation, Brands and Intellectual Property – The Future of Europe is the only dedicated group for promoting and defending Europe’s Intellectual Property rights, Brands and Innovation.

In the 2019-24 parliamentary legislature, MEPs4Innovation has more than 30 members coming from different political groups and EU Member States.



The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) is honoured to have been appointed by MEPs for Innovation, Brands and Intellectual Property to provide secretarial support. The CCC is a non‐profit organisation supporting lifestyle freedom, innovation, privacy, science, and consumer choice. The main policy areas we focus on are digital, mobility, lifestyle & consumer goods, and health & science. 

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Recognising that in order to have an economically free, prosperous and sustainable world for present and future generations, the European Union needs to take a leading step in ensuring constant innovation, the protection of intellectual property rights and economic prosperity, this multi-stakeholder group aims to dialogue and look into the solutions and opportunities provided by different sectors to address today’s and tomorrow’s regulatory challenges.

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  • Provide a cross-party and cross-committee platform for MEPs to openly debate and exchange with all stakeholders in a balanced way;
  • Encourage strong involvement, dialogue, and close cooperation among all stakeholders;
  • Effectively integrate brand freedom and intellectual property pillars into EU decision-making and policy;
  • Build on political, scientific and practical expertise to guide the development and implementation of coherent sustainable policies based on scientific evidence;
  • Support science-based research and reports that serve as evidence of Innovation, IP and Brands to the economic prosperity of the EU;
  • Link the innovation agenda with the sustainability agenda.
People Profile


Radan Kanev


Anna-Michelle Assimakopoulou


Svenja Hahn


Hermann Tertsch


Klemen Groselj


Elena Lizzi


Matteo Adinolfi


Engin Eroglu


Jan Zahradil


Ivan Stefanec


Aurélia Beigneux


Patrizia Toia


Lukas Mandl


Dominique Bilde


The list of members is currently being updated. Please check again later.

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