Israël arrive en tête de l'indice mondial de résilience à la pandémie

Israel’s health system was named the most resilient to COVID-19 in the world in a recently released Pandemic Resilience Index. The index, published by global consumer advocacy group Consumer Choice Center, surveyed 40 countries about their health systems’ preparedness and resilience to the pandemic.

The index examined five factors: vaccination approval, vaccination drive, time lags that put breaks on giving vaccines, critical care bed capacity and mass testing. While Israel did not have the highest number of intensive care unit beds per capita or a high average of daily COVID-19 tests, it “is a clear winner when it comes to the speed of vaccinations” – which led to its top spot on the global list.

Second place went to Israel’s neighbor, the United Arab Emirates, which also had a high vaccination rate. The United States, the United Kingdom and Bahrain round out the top five places, while the bottom three went to Australia, New Zealand and Ukraine.

“The pandemic has put health systems globally to an emergency test and exposed both their strong and weak sides,” said Fred Roeder, CCC’s managing director and the index’s co-author. “In particular, that concerns hospital capacity, planning abilities, and the existence of a regulatory system that is able to act fast and efficiently when it comes to testing and vaccination, among other things. Moving forward, we hope our index will help policymakers identify weak spots in our health systems so we can be better prepared for future crises.”

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CALCALISTE : בנוסף יוטלו הגבלות על שיוardק כולל הצגת מוצרי עישון ותאסר גם מכירת הסיגריה האלקטרונית ג´ול

La FDA travaille à réduire la nicotine dans les cigarettes

YNET : Jeff Stier, chercheur principal au Consumer Choice Center, une organisation américaine à but non lucratif qui promeut l'intérêt du public pour les questions de santé et d'environnement, et un expert mondial des dommages causés par le tabagisme, a déclaré : "L'annonce de la FDA est bien intentionnée mais manque la marque."