Federal regulators should trust progress, avoid blockchain red tape

THE HILL: The U.S. must embrace new technologies and marketplace innovation but also acknowledge that the price of progress includes occasional wrongdoing. The solution for said wrongdoing is not through paternalistic regulation and government intervention, but is best fixed through innovative responses that directly address the problems at hand.

Europe has the potential to become the global blockchain powerhouse – Let’s not miss it!

VOCAL EUROPE: The last year marked unseen price surges of cryptocurrencies. Now 2018 seems to challenge Bitcoin and Co. on how resilient these innovations and their investors will be. Though blockchain is famous for creating a new class of millionaires it provides many applications beyond mere cryptocurrencies including identification, verification, immutable databases, and many more.

Alors que Bitcoin atteint la barre des $10 000, les investisseurs doivent prendre une décision au moment du jeu

VICE : Le rôle prévu du bitcoin en tant que substitut à la monnaie papier n'a pas été très réussi en grande partie à cause du temps qu'il faut pour traiter une transaction bitcoin — des heures, voire des jours, selon sa capacité de transaction, qui est relativement rare.