Le blocage par le DOJ de la fusion AT&T-Time Warner porte un coup au choix des consommateurs

Yaël Ossowski
Directeur adjoint
Centre de choix des consommateurs

DOJ’s blocking of the AT&T-Time Warner merger is a blow to consumer choice

Washington DC - On Monday, the Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit in order to block the merger of AT&T/DirecTV and Time Warner Inc.

Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said blocking the merger is a dangerous precedent, and will hurt consumers who woud otherwise benefit from the increased services the company could offer.

“Putting such a large merger at stake because President Trump has a beef with CNN, which is owned by Time Warner Inc., is a dangerous precedent. A vertical merger such as this one would otherwise have passed with flying colors.

“The Department of Justice has instead made false claims about attempts to snuff out competition. The truth remains that both companies do not compete in the same space, and that their merger would actively lower prices, increase the quality of services, and ensure the First Amendment is protected in the marketplace,” said Ossowski.

***CCC Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski is available to speak with accredited media on the AT&T-Time Warner merger and consumer choice issues. Please send media inquiries ICI.***

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