Nicotine is Not Your Enemy Soirée

As the 8th Conference of Parties of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) invites all interested stakeholders to join us for an evening with food, drinks, and insights into the latest technologies allowing harm reducing nicotine consumption.

Dinner Talk: ‘Nicotine is not your Enemy’ by Professor Bernd Mayer (University of Graz, AT)

We invite everyone to this ‘Nicotine is Not Your Enemy Soirée’ to celebrate the life-saving advancements in nicotine consumption technology. We hope to convince delegates of COP8 to join us and learn more about harm reduction and the difference between a traditional tobacco combustion cigarette and nicotine. The event will take place at:

La Potinière Jardin Anglais

Promenade Du Lac 2, 1204 Genève

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Please register below by October 1st at 1pm CET. The participation fee is 89 CHF and covers heavy tapas, drinks, and a fun evening including live demonstrations of harm-reducing technologies. If you are an NGO representative or consumer activist and struggle to afford this at-cost fee please do contact us and we will make a case-by-case decision on reduced or waived admission fees.


The WHO has a long track record of missing out on and ignoring harm reduction. Instead of supporting harm reduction in the LGBT community,  the WHO classified homosexuality as a mental disease until 1992. In the last 15 years we’ve seen many harm reducing technologies emerge in the field of nicotine consumption: electronic cigarettes, heat not burn devices, and the success of Snus. While millions of smokers have found a less harmful way of consuming nicotine and world-leading research institutions such as the Royal College of Physicians came to the conclusion that these technologies are up to 95% less harmful than the traditional cigarette, the WHO and its FCTC keep condemning nicotine as a whole and refuse to support harm reduction.