Code of Ethics

  • The Consumer Choice Center is an independent entity that aims to promote more choice and freedom for consumers.
  • The Consumer Choice Center is politically independent.
  • The Consumer Choice Center accepts no public funds and is supported by private individuals and partners.
  • When the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) takes a position, it does so in the full interest of increasing consumer choice and fostering the freedom of exchange in the marketplace.
  • We have a clear stance that consumer choice is pivotal. This coherent fight for choice is why we receive support from many partners, members, and individuals.
  • As a consumer group, the CCC maintains strict independent editorial policy. Its campaigns, events, op-eds, and videos are not sent to supporters before they are released. Members and partners see our content and outputs at the same time as the general public.
  • Maintaining these standards helps keep Consumer Choice Center free of outside influence and ultimately accountable to its members and supporters around the globe.