An overload of warning labels desensitises the public

Does slapping a warning label on every single item we buy in the shops really make us more aware of potential risks, or are we running into an overprotection of the individual? In an effort to protect public health, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for more comprehensive warning labels on things like alcohol. […]

WHO’s afraid of vaping?

For the second time in two years, I sat in the public gallery at a United Nations conference in Geneva as a senior UN bureaucrat told us that all members of the media and public were barred from the proceedings, writes Yael Ossowski for Spiked. This particular occasion was one of the UN’s biannual sessions to update the World […]

Monthly update: October 2018

DIGITAL SINGLE MARKET CAMPAIGN On 10 October, the CCC’s Luca Bertoletti and Bill Wirtz handed the Consumer Choice Center’s Digital Single Market research paper to the European Commission’s Head of E-Commerce. TESTIMONY ON ONTARIO’S CANNABIS RULES On 12 October, the CCC’s David Clement testified at the Ontario Standing Committee on Social Policy to provide comments on Bill 36, the province’s cannabis regulations. CAPITOL HILL BRIEFING […]

Kommt das Rauchverbot für Schauspieler?

Diejenigen, die den Film “Thank You For Smoking” kennen, werden sich vielleicht an die sehr unterhaltsame Geschichte von Tabakgegnern und Befürworter erinnern. Während die Gegner zusätzliche Regulierung fordern, wollen die Befürworter ihre Industrie retten. Der Film nutzt das Stilmittel der Hyperbel, also der bewussten Übertreibung, um die Zuschauer für sich zu gewinnen. So werden zum […]

Fight or business class flight? The WHO needs to get its priorities straight

Expensive hotels, beach resorts, and staggering travel costs: the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) would have some tough questions to answer, if only the countries that funded it would ask them. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom happily continues to spend taxpayers’ money on providing health experts with a luxurious jetsetting lifestyle. The WHO’s travel expenses for […]

WHO’s afraid of vaping

The war on vaping is a threat to public health. For the second time in two years, I sat in the public gallery at a United Nations conference in Geneva as a senior UN bureaucrat told us that all members of the media and public were to be barred from the proceedings. This particular occasion […]

OPINIE: Rokende Sean Connery kennelijk gevaarlijker dan moordende John Rambo

VSK: Dat schrijft Frederik Cyrus Roeder, gezondheidseconoom en directeur van het Consumer Choise Center in een opinieartikel op het platform Vocal Europe. Deze week vergadert in Genève een afvaardiging van de WHO. Op het programma staat onder meer een mogelijk verbod op het gebruik van tabak en aanverwante artikelen in films en andere media-uitingen, bedoeld om roken […]

Will smoking in movies be banned soon?

Those who have watched to movie Thank You For Smoking might remember its very entertaining way of telling the story of tobacco control activists fighting for more regulation, as well as tobacco lobbyists trying to save their industry. In order to tell this story and keep viewers engaged for the entirety of the movie, the […]

OMS: buone intenzioni, cattive esecuzioni

ATLANTICO: E’ evidente che, nonostante le ottime intenzioni, l’OMS non stia percorrendo la strada giusta per risolvere i problemi legati al tabacco. Come dice Luca Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager del già citato Consumer Choice Center: “L’OMS ha perso la bussola. Deve decidere se continuare sulla cattiva strada e diventare nient’altro che l’ennesima organizzazione burocratica e paternalistica, o tornare sui […]

British taxpayers ‘should not subsidise scaremongering anti-vaping laws’

EXPRESS: Jeff Stier, of the Consumer Choice Centre, a US consumer watchdog, said: “Both the US and UK are financing an organisation which for years has had problems with corruption and transparency, and the biggest part with transparency issues is the FCT. “Its policies show that the WHO is fighting vaping in an unscientific way.According […]

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