OPINIE: Rokende Sean Connery kennelijk gevaarlijker dan moordende John Rambo

VSK: Dat schrijft Frederik Cyrus Roeder, gezondheidseconoom en directeur van het Consumer Choise Center in een opinieartikel op het platform Vocal Europe. Deze week vergadert in Genève een afvaardiging van de WHO. Op het programma staat onder meer een mogelijk verbod op het gebruik van tabak en aanverwante artikelen in films en andere media-uitingen, bedoeld om roken […]

Will smoking in movies be banned soon?

Those who have watched to movie Thank You For Smoking might remember its very entertaining way of telling the story of tobacco control activists fighting for more regulation, as well as tobacco lobbyists trying to save their industry. In order to tell this story and keep viewers engaged for the entirety of the movie, the […]

Restricting vaping in city’s new smoking bylaw draws ire of Consumer Choice Centre

PANOW: Now, the city is being criticized by the Consumer Choice Centre (CCC), who said the city is “wrong” to include vaping in its public smoking restrictions. The group represents consumers in over 100 countries and monitors regulatory trends across the globe. “It doesn’t make any sense to treat vaping like smoking, especially given the […]

Opinion: a vape tax would cost more than what the government thinks

ELITE BUSINESS MAGAZINE: The UK government is currently considering introducing a sin tax on vape products for the purpose of finding additional resources to fund the NHS. Theresa May’s government is looking to add an additional tax of 5% to vape products, which would directly impact the UK’s 2.9 million vapers and jeopardise successes achieved […]

Vapor Companies Respond To FDA Warning Letters

BREAZY: One of the most straightforward responses from vapor companies came from Consumer Choice Center, whose senior fellow, Jeff Stier, applauded the FDA’s efforts. He also said that responsible regulation is possible while still offering adult consumers an alternative to cigarettes that significantly reduces the harm from smoking. “We applaud FDA for cracking down on online and […]

CCC Comments to FDA on Tobacco Product Standard for Nicotine Level of Combusted Cigarettes

Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center New York, NY July 10, 2018 Submission to the Food & Drug Administration Submit your own comments:  https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA-2017-N-6189-0001   The FDA’s consideration of a product standard to set a maximum nicotine level for cigarettes is a dangerous experiment justified only by good intentions and faulty research. Further, even if […]

San Francisco voters chose to keep ordinance banning flavorings in tobacco products

WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL: Jeff Stier, senior fellow with Consumer Choice Center, said he does not dispute that the ordinance is designed to help protect youths from tobacco products. “Yet, the ordinance would change the legal status of the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to adults exclusively,” Stier said, Stier challenged the FDA to “speak out about how […]

Make e-cigarettes available to fight tobacco cancer: Experts

DECCAN HERALD: Jeff Stier, a senior fellow with the pro-e-cigarettes advocacy group Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said, “The ACS took a step in the right direction by recognising this important harm-reduction method.”

The WHO Should Embrace Vaping and Harm Reduction on World No Tobacco Day

AMBULANCE TODAY: May 31st marks World No Tobacco Day. This year the World Health Organization highlights “tobacco and heart disease” and pledges to highlight policies that help to reduce tobacco consumption. The Consumer Choice Center’s Managing Director, Fred Roeder, applauds the WHO for its focus on fighting cardiovascular diseases and the health impact of tobacco […]

World No Tobacco Day 2018, here’s why you should switch to e-cigarettes

HINDUSTAN TIMES:  Jeff Stier, a senior fellow with the pro-e-cigarettes advocacy group Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said, “The ACS took a step in the right direction by recognising this important harm-reduction method.”

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