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Maine first state to ban single-use foam

It has been stated that polystyrene is non-recyclable, but Jeff Stier of the Consumer Choice Center says these foam products can indeed be recycled.

OneNewsNow interviewed Stier, a New York resident, after The Big Apple announced a ban on foam cups and containers.

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Lower Drug Prices Without Harming Innovation

The urgent need to lower drug prices s has become a rare consensus issue in Washington. But how to achieve this goal is another story. Now, Congress has an opportunity to make a smart fix to something it inadvertently broke.  Like medications themselves, policy initiatives can remedy real problems. But they always come with the […]

Analyst Says Milk Prices Showing Improvement and Worst Is Over

In other trade news, while the future of President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada, free trade agreement remains uncertain in a divided U.S. House of Representatives, the Toronto-based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), David Clement called on the Canadian government to give it a thumbs down. A CCC press release stated, “The Federal […]

Northam Working to Increase Affordable Housing Options, GOP Support Remains Unclear

But throwing more money at a problem isn’t always the best answer, says Jeff Stier at Consumer Choice Center. “More crony capitalism that goes to developers who know how to game the system isn’t going to bring people out of generational poverty, and that’s what I want as an advocate for affordable housing,” says Stier.

Europe Is Not an Example for the Green New Deal in Practice

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” suggests replacing air travel with high-speed rail connections. But the comparisons drawn with Europe ignore that despite massive investments on the Old Continent, prices remain non-competitive with air travel and that state-run rail crumbles under its own inefficiency. In a piece for Vox, Umair Irfan writes “High-speed trains already compete […]

The real price of a new EU-US trade war

Last month, trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström told European trade ministers that if President Trump hits the EU with 25 per cent tariffs on cars, Brussels is prepared to hit back with tariffs on some $20 billion worth of American exports. Trade wars don’t involve the outright destruction of military action, but both kinds of conflict put […]

Cuomo’s Out of Control Craving for an Opioid Slush Fund

Sometimes a bad idea is a bad idea, no matter how you package it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying again, after his $600 million opioid tax was slapped down in December by an Obama appointed federal judge. Proponents of the earlier tax scheme pointed to a key provision which forbade manufacturers from passing along […]

Ah … because oil is the problem, eateries (and patrons) pay the price

Jeff Stier of the Consumer Choice Center says all Americans are affected by what happens in the oceans and should all work to reduce pollution – but that doesn’t justify banning all uses of products, he argues.S “And it’s not only to ban plastics because they claim it winds up in the ocean,” he adds, “but [also] […]

Broad Coalition calls on Congress to reclaim its authority on tariffs

Arlington, VA – A coalition of 30 organizations, including the Consumer Choice Center, led by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce released a letter today encouraging lawmakers to reclaim their tariff authority, which has been delegated to the executive branch. Read the letter HERE In the letter, the groups write: “As the […]

Prescription drug situation less than ideal for consumers

Jeff Stier of the Consumer Choice Center has mixed opinions. “Senator Braun’s is an attempt to solve or address the problem of PBMs, pharmacy benefit managers who are not passing along price reductions instituted by the pharmaceuticals along to the consumers, so there is a real problem there,” Stier begins. “I as a freemarketer am never pleased […]

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