United Kingdom

The EU can make the US greener through trade

THE CONSERVATIVE: Tackling Climate Change requires the aggregate emissions across the globe to be lowered, and a sustainable transition away from fossil fuels would need to occur everywhere.

BMA calls for tobacco pack-style warnings on sweets

PACKAGING NEWS: The British Medical Association’s proposal to require warning labels on sugary foods is misguided and wrong.

Why we opened a nanny-state store in Shoreditch

spiked!: The British government’s regulation of what we can buy, sell, eat, drink and smoke is out of control.

A Nanny State Shop In London

Dick Puddlecote Blog: It was pleasing to see SfL replicating their nanny state store in the UK after a couple of previous incarnations across the Atlantic.

Tobacco firms refused plain packaging appeal permission

Print Week: Students For Liberty and the Consumer Choice Center jointly host a plain packaged “nanny state store” to protest against such regulations.

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