Five reasons why Europe lags behind on high-speed internet

Connectivity and low latency times are crucial for economic progress in developed states. While European policymakers don’t shy away from grand plans to keep the continent competitive, the essential ingredient for a successful digital strategy is the creation of a real digital single market within the European Union. Here are five major reasons why Europe […]

Is it time to scrap the TV licence?

by Richard Mason – Research Fellow at Consumer Choice Center About half a century ago, Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter wrote in his book Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy about a concept he called ‘creative destruction’. Derived from the previous works of Marx, Schumpeter perceived economic growth under capitalism as a destructive force by which entrepreneurs, in discovering new and […]

Liberalising and Harmonising European Digital Markets

Liberalising and Harmonising European Digital Markets by Ryan Khurana and Luca Bertoletti 18 October 2018 Read/Download the paper HERE

Chers élus, laissez les trottinettes électriques rouler

Dans les grands centres urbains du monde entier, un petit nombre d’entreprises a déployé des technologies qui devraient être l’une des solutions les plus innovantes aux énormes problèmes de circulation et de mobilité qui affligent nos villes. Avec la nouvelle loi sur l’orientation de la mobilité (LOM), cet avantage pourrait être mis en danger. Par […]

Don’t let cities ruin the scooter revolution

In major urban centers across the globe, a handful of companies have deployed technology due to be one of the most innovative solutions to the mountains of traffic and mobility issues that plague our cities. Electric scooters are smart mobility vehicles that offer a revolution in dealing with problems of traffic congestion and the “ last mile” problem. As noted by innovation […]

The Government’s ‘porn passes’ are a turn-off!

COMMENT CENTRAL: Bill Wirtz discusses proposals to require adult users to acquire so-called “porn passes” in stores to verify their age online.

Facebook Understands User Needs Better Than Congress Does

NATIONAL REVIEW: Market forces are doing a much better job of cleaning up the Internet than heavy-handed government regulations would. Ryan Khurana of the Consumer Choice Center comments on the Facebook hearings.

Keine Angst vor den Robotern

DIE WELT: Mit zunehmender Automatisierung steigt die Angst vor einem harten Schlag für den Arbeitsmarkt. Eine Reihe von Politikern befürwortet sogar die Besteuerung von Robotern, um einen Beschäftigungsverlust auszugleichen. Die Realität zeigt jedoch, dass Automatisierung keine Gefahr für Arbeitsmarkt und Verbraucher ist. Ganz im Gegenteil.

Who’s Afraid of Automation?

SPIKED: So we need to practice optimism about the opportunities provided by automation. The past shows that technology has often improved our living conditions, and raised employment levels. We need to allow it to do so again.

Beware the puritanical technopanic

CAPX: Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee has called for social media companies to be regulated in the same way as tobacco and alcohol.  The justification for such action, he argues, is the risk of addiction and their influence on public discourse and democracy.

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