Juncker responde a la Casa Blanca con tasas a las Harley, los Levi’s y el bourbon

EL ECONOMISTA: Algunas asociaciones de consumidores ya han cuestionado el paso dado por la UE. “Imponer aranceles en represalia en productos americanos emblemáticos como el Bourbon de Kentucky o el queso de Wisconsin dañará a los consumidores europeos”, comentó Luca Bertoletti del Consumer Choice Center.

EU tariffs on blue jeans and bourbon would harm consumers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Luca Bertoletti European Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center luca@consumerchoicecenter.org 2. March 2018 EU tariffs on blue jeans and bourbon would harm consumers Brussels, BE – On Friday, European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker suggested to German media that the EU could draw up tariffs on American products such as Kentucky Bourbon, Harley Davidson motorcycles, […]

Boeing proves protectionism doesn’t pay

COMMENT CENTRAL: Consumer Choice Center’s Yaël Ossowski argues that the Boeing-Bombardier affair shows that waging trade wars isn’t to anyone’s benefit, certainly not consumers, workers, and citizens who have the most at stake.

Trade Panel’s Rejection of Trump’s Jet Tariff Is a Sign of Good Things to Come

MORNING CONSULT: As President Donald Trump schmoozed with economic titans in Davos, Switzerland, over the weekend, news from Washington indicated parts of his trade agenda won’t go forward as planned.

Le lobby des vélos à Bruxelles veut se faire protéger contre la concurrence étrangère

LES ECHOS: Les fabricants de vélos européens demandent à Bruxelles de les protéger contre la concurrence internationale. Les taxes douanières qu’ils proposent nuisent surtout aux revenus les plus faibles.

Trudeau Should See NAFTA Renegotiation As His Biggest Priority

HUFFINGTON POST: Trump needs to be shown that protectionism south of the border hurts American and Canadian consumers as much as it helps hand-picked American producers.

The EU’s war on competition

CAPX: Both the creation of cartels and the further imposition of tariffs makes the European Single Market less competitive, and, in an important way for all Europeans, less accommodating for consumers.

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