World No Tobacco Day 2018, here’s why you should switch to e-cigarettes

HINDUSTAN TIMES:  Jeff Stier, a senior fellow with the pro-e-cigarettes advocacy group Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said, “The ACS took a step in the right direction by recognising this important harm-reduction method.”

C’est la régulation qui nuit aux chauffeurs de taxis, pas la concurrence

L’ECHO: Les crises de colère lancées par les chauffeurs de taxi à travers le monde, en ce qui concerne les services de covoiturage tels que Uber ou Heetch, sont révélatrices d’un monopole moribond. Si votre chauffeur de taxi n’était pas en colère contre l’économie du partage, alors cette dernière ne serait pas efficace.

Οι οδηγοί ταξί κινδυνεύουν από τις ρυθμίσεις, όχι από την καινοτομία

LIBERAL.GR: Taxi drivers are at risk from regulation, not from innovation, writers Bill Wirtz of the Consumer Choice Center.

Governments are cracking down on Uber because they don’t understand it

RARE: By attempting to shoehorn Uber into taxi regulations, consumers lose out on the innovativeness the platform provides.

Stripping Uber of its license is harmful to Londoners

SPEAK FREELY: This TfL decision, by reducing choice, is not only anti-competitive, but anti-consumer, anti-worker, and anti-innovation. They have made a costly mistake in what is meant to be an open and forward thinking city.

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