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The EU can make the US greener through trade

THE CONSERVATIVE: Tackling Climate Change requires the aggregate emissions across the globe to be lowered, and a sustainable transition away from fossil fuels would need to occur everywhere.

Proposed California Cannabis Branding Ban Bad for Consumers

MJINEWS: The proposed branding ban by the California state legislature for cannabis businesses harms consumers, hurts business, and doesn’t accomplish its stated goal.

The transatlantic guns that didn’t fire over Google

POLITICO: The bombshell fine spurs debate over whether EU regulations are up to date — not whether Brussels is picking on the Americans.

Jeff Sessions’ crusade against marijuana hurts the most vulnerable — I would know, I’m one of them.

RARE: Jeff Sessions’ crusade against marijuana poses real threats to Americans using marijuana medicinally.

Michael Bloomberg’s nanny crusade will make people poorer

WASH EXAMINER: Launching his American Cities Initiative at the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Annual Meeting in Miami on Monday, he unveiled his plan to spend $200 million over the course of 3 years to speed up expansive regulations in city governments.

$2.7 Billion Fine Against Google Shows EU is Clueless About Online Business

CAPITALISM: With its fine against Google amounting to $2.7 billion due to alleged antitrust violations, the European Commission just created an obstacle for entrepreneurs.

Amenda Google: contraatacul american care n-a mai venit

ZF: Cât despre rezultatele de pe pagina de search a Google, Roeder a declarat că dacă acestea nu sunt pe placul consumatorilor, aceştia se pot îndrepta pur şi simplu către un al website.

The European Union continues its invasion of the tobacco market

LIBERAL.GR: The European Union continues its anti-free market crusade against the tobacco industry and consumer choice related to tobacco.

BMA calls for tobacco pack-style warnings on sweets

PACKAGING NEWS: The British Medical Association’s proposal to require warning labels on sugary foods is misguided and wrong.

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