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[Marketing Medium] Consumers Deserve Refunds For Their Flights

“If the terms of service on the ticket state that the consumer is entitled to a refund when a service is not provided, then that shouldn’t change because of Covid-19. Yes, airlines are struggling, but so are ordinary consumers. Vouchers for a future flight offer no help for consumers struggling to pay their mortgages. It is problematic that the government is essentially prioritizing airline companies over consumers,” said Clement

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5eebbc8d5459b60004ccaf52/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Alberta Is Right To Repeal The Voluntary Blood Donations Act

Edmonton, AB –  Today, Alberta’s NDP sent out a press release stating that the UCP is planning to table a bill that would repeal the Voluntary Blood Donations Act. The act banned blood plasma donors from being financially compensated for their donation. The NDP has stated that MLA Tany Yao is slated to bring the legislation forward.

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ee9305aa114e80004c432f5/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Consumer Freedom in the Post-COVID Era: Live Event with Daniel Lacalle

“Thanks to capitalism, we are going to get out of this crisis of poor prevention and worse management in a record period, if there are no more obstacles for economic recovery. In socialism, we would be forced to choose between misery and more misery, added with repression once the citizens began to show their discontent with the Government,” said Daniel Lacalle. 

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ee87f764155c30004e949e3/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Ukrainian fertiliser quotas: trade with the EU, not domestic vested interests

Brussels, BE – In a letter to EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, EU’s biggest fertiliser companies asked Ukraine to refrain from imposing trade restrictions on EU fertiliser imports. It is argued that “it is clear that the main purpose of this proceeding is to exclude EU fertilisers from the Ukrainian market.”

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ee23acebe58d400045ae9ac/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Live Discussion on Intellectual Property with Professor Michele Boldrin

“Innovation and scientific breakthroughs provide the best and most sustainable solutions to the challenges that humanity faces, be it ecological or the COVID-19 crisis. It is new technologies and innovative medical solutions that will help to tackle these challenges. Protection of IP rights is a necessary precondition to innovation, and we shouldn’t sacrifice global prosperity for short-term benefits of weak or absent IP rights.” said Fred Roeder, Managing Director at the Consumer Choice Center.

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ede09af85c95f000407c036/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Carta Abierta sobre el Proyecto de Ley de Tabaco y los Productos de Daño Reducido

“Nos dirigimos a ustedes para expresar el día de hoy nuestra profunda preocupación con respecto al proyecto de ley 218/19 que recientemente fue pasado por el senado colombiano. De manera específica nos preocupa la inclusión del nuevo requerimiento de empaquetado neutro (plain packaging) a todos los productos de tabaco que podrían dejar sin la posibilidad de uso de marcas comerciales a los productos en mención. 

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5eda132a0d9e300004f2b58c/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] EU Digital Services Act: Live Event with MEP Alex Agius Saliba

Join the Consumer Choice Center for a live virtual event on The Future of E-Commerce in 2020. E-commerce plays an increasing role in our everyday lives, what does the future hold for it? What are some of the regulatory challenges in the EU? What role do IP rights play in fostering e-commerce in the EU?

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ed794ccf0634f00043dacce/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Alberta’s Vaping Regulations Are A Huge Step Backwards For Harm Reduction

“The new regulations fly in the face of harm reduction principles, specifically that the government should regulate products based on their risk to consumers. We know from credible health agencies like Public Health England that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, which calls into question Alberta’s approach. Rather than enact heavy handed restrictions, it would be wiser for Alberta to follow the United Kingdom’s lead and embrace harm reduction. Embracing harm reduction gives adult smokers a means to quit cigarettes, which is a huge win for public health.”

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ed6d1c88185c80004f2b021/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Carte du monde interactive : 200 millions de fumeurs pourraient passer au vapotage en suivant l’exemple du Royaume-Uni

Paris, FR – La libéralisation des cigarettes électroniques a l’incroyable potentiel d’aider des millions de personnes à passer du tabagisme traditionnel au vapotage – une manière plus sûre et moins nocive de consommer de la nicotine. L’agency pour le choix du consommateur a examiné 61 pays et a évalué comment des politiques intelligentes de réduction des risques liés au tabac pourraient faciliter ce passage.

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ed104ec597a220004f77f12/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

[Marketing Medium] Consumers and Bar/Restaurant Owners say “YES” to HB 536

“This bill includes provisions for reopening safely in both outdoor and inside spaces, as well as endorsing modernized alcohol policy that favors all consumers and residents of North Carolina. Gov. Cooper should sign this bill and give North Carolinians renewed confidence to safely re-engage in commerce.”

source http://meltwater.pressify.io/publication/5ed0ee5d597a220004f77f0f/5aa837df2542970e001981f6

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