France to ban ‘buy one, get one free’ offers following Nutella riots

NEWSTALK: Luca Bertoletti is the European affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Centre (CCC). He said such a measure aims to help farmers and the agricultural sector in France – but will end up hurting consumers who rely on low prices.

Our new alcohol policy: pointless, punishes the poor but makes politicians look ‘good’

HIBERIA FORUM: As a matter of public policy, there are several reasons to oppose the minimum pricing of alcohol.

Beware the unintended consequences of plain packaging

HIBERNIA FORUM: Plain packaging is a political act of political virtue-signalling. It doesn’t reduce tobacco consumption and eases the work of a dangerous counterfeiting mafia. It belongs in the dustbin of creative Nanny State policy.

The Public Health Alcohol Bill is Bad for Ireland

HIBERNIA FORUM: The Public Health Alcohol Bill being debated in Ireland is one of the most draconian set of alcohol legislation in the EU.

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