David Clement

BIV on Roundhouse November 10

BUSINESS VANCOUVER: On the latest show, Consumer Choice Center’s David Clement explains why Vancouver’s empty homes tax won’t address the city’s affordable housing issues.

Consumer group calls Vancouver’s proposed regulations for Airbnb “nothing but a tax grab”

GEORGIA STRAIGHT: A consumer-advocacy group has accused the City of Vancouver of orchestrating a “cash grab” as part of its efforts to regulate Airbnb and other short-term rental services.

New Brunswick, Canada Sets up Crown Corporation to Oversee Legal Cannabis Sales

GANJAPRENEUR: New Brunswick, Canada’s government has established a Crown corporation which will oversee the sale of recreational cannabis in the province.

Ontario Residents Not Supportive Of Government Pot Stores

WINDSOR SQUARE: A new poll conducted by Nanos Research says it has found out that the majority of Ontario’s residents do not support the government getting involved in the sale of cannabis.

Easy on the taxes re marijuana, says consumer advocate

HAMILTON SPECTATOR: The marijuana boom is going to hit Canada in 2018, but our country’s regulators are going to stifle potential growth.

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