Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis elite descend on Davos to familiarize global elite with sector

A bevy of company executives and former politicians — all of whom are now involved in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry — are expected to attend what is being billed as the first ever “Cannabis Conclave,” a three-hour lunch at an alpine restaurant only accessible by cable car. Attendees of the event at Restaurant Höhenweg will be able to […]

Consumers are paying for government’s failure to understand cannabis

Cannabis is a unique and versatile product. Unfortunately, regulators at all levels fail to really understand how cannabis is used, which has led to numerous policy mishaps. Simply put, federal, provincial and municipal legislators have made many mistakes when it comes to cannabis regulations. These mistakes have hindered consumers when it comes to price, supply […]

Experts argue allowing municipalities to opt out of cannabis shops could boost black market

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: That sentiment was echoed by David Clement, manager of North American affairs for the Consumer Choice Center. “Community opt-outs and limited storefronts is a toxic combination which pretty much guarantees that the black market will thrive,” he said. “Capping retail outlets and having entire communities opt out makes the legal market in Ontario […]

Overcoming pot retail anxiety: 5 reasons for municipalities opt-in

TORONTO SUN: On that point, an interesting piece was published last August by David Clement of the Consumer Choice Center. He argued that the opt-out provision in the province’s cannabis plan would give “prohibition a new face, that being local city councillors.” His opinion included that banning retail sales “won’t mean that consumers won’t be acquiring […]

Incoming Luxembourg government plans to legalize recreational marijuana

MARIJUANA BUSINESS DAILY: “If the reform allows for sales to nonresidents, the impact would be massive,” Bill Wirtz, a Luxembourgian and policy analyst for the Consumer Choice Center, told Marijuana Business Daily. “It would be great news for consumers and the beginning of a new era of drug policy in the EU.” He noted that the country […]

Who Pays? Regulating Cannabis in Canada Estimated to Cost $546 Million

Compliance, enforcement, inspections, public education, and program management–there are a lot of factors contributing to the costs of legalization of cannabis in Canada. Designed to offset the estimated $546 million cost associated with regulating and enforcing the Cannabis Act, Health Canada has designed a Cost Recovery Program that aims to “ensure that those who benefit […]

Opinion: Marijuana promises economic benefit, poses financial questions

Michiganians voted Tuesday to introduce a new industry to the state that is expected to bring in $765 million in revenue over the next year and thousands of new jobs. What we’re talking about is legal cannabis. Look no further than the state of Colorado to see the incredible effects of legal cannabis on the economy, […]

Quebec should embrace cannabis to promote the economy

The CAQ’s anti-pot stance is sure to hurt consumers and citizens in Quebec. The new Quebec premier Francois Legault of the Coalition Avenir Quebec says he wants to put more money in the pockets of Quebecers. And now that the CAQ has the mandate of a majority government, his words will soon turn into actions. […]

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