Our new alcohol policy: pointless, punishes the poor but makes politicians look ‘good’

HIBERIA FORUM: As a matter of public policy, there are several reasons to oppose the minimum pricing of alcohol.

Hammond’s white cider clamp-down could unfairly hit artisanal producers

HARPER’S: Ryan Khurana, research fellow at the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), agrees and says that the proposed hikes on white cider will only serve to “punish the poor”.

Minimum alcohol pricing won’t make people drink more responsibly

THE CONSERVATIVE: Lifestyle regulations should take into account that consumers are often unwilling to see themselves stripped off the right to enjoy certain products. Alcohol is certainly a part of this equation.

UK’s increased duties on low-cost alcohol will only serve to punish the poor

CONTACT: Ryan Khurana Research Fellow Consumer Choice Center ryan@consumerchoicecenter.org UK’s increased duties on low-cost alcohol will only serve to punish the poor London, UK – On Wednesday, U.K. chancellor Philip Hammond announced the latest budget in the House of Commons. Ryan Khurana, Research Fellow at the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said the increased alcohol duties in […]

Bittersüße Sündensteuer

NOVO ARGUMENTE: Irland führt eine Steuer auf Softdrinks ein, in Frankreich wird sie erhöht. Diese nutzlose Maßnahme bevormundet die Verbraucher.

Drinks industry reacts to alcohol minimum unit price

FOOD MANUFACTURE: Consumer rights group Consumer Choice Centre (CCC) argued the MUP would cause more harm than good.

UK Supreme Court approves Scottish law on minimum alcohol pricing

EURACTIV: Luca Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center, said the Court’s decision was “sad news” for consumers.

Minimum pricing: will it be a pyrrhic victory?

DAILY BUSINESS GROUP: Luca Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager of the Washington-based Consumer Choice Center states: “There are no empirical evidences that set minimum prices on alcohol will lead to a reduction of consumption.”

The Public Health Alcohol Bill is Bad for Ireland

HIBERNIA FORUM: The Public Health Alcohol Bill being debated in Ireland is one of the most draconian set of alcohol legislation in the EU.

Les Canadiens en faveur du transport d’alcool entre provinces

TVA: Plus de neuf Canadiens sur dix sont en faveur de permettre l’achat d’alcool dans une province et son transport d’une province à l’autre.

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