Why Is the Nanny State so Popular?

FEE: Bans on plastic straws, soda taxes, bans on diesel cars, the crackdown on smoking, restrictions on alcohol consumption: the list of restrictions on people’s personal freedoms is steadily increasing. But why is the Nanny State so popular?

Is Moral Panic Justified? The Effect of Alcohol Privatization on Impaired Driving in Alberta

By Heather Bone, Research Fellow, Consumer Choice Center Nearly every time the prospect of privatizing alcohol sales in Ontario is debated, there is a moral panic. If alcohol sales are privatized, the argument goes, alcohol will be more easily accessible, and there will be an increase in alcohol-related crime. In this research brief, I investigate […]

N.C. alcohol rules should join the 21st century

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Due to strict N.C. alcohol laws, online merchants such as Amazon can’t stock your favorite wines, craft beers or liquors unless they follow a very strict line of regulations. READ MORE:

Irish tax on alcohol is enough to drive everyone to drink

TIMES OF LONDON: Consumer Choice Center’s Bill Wirtz is published in the London Times: “We need to recognise that consumers have the right to make choices. This implies that they make the choice to drink because they are allowed to enjoy themselves. Or at least while they are still allowed.”

EU tariffs on blue jeans and bourbon would harm consumers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Luca Bertoletti European Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center 2. March 2018 EU tariffs on blue jeans and bourbon would harm consumers Brussels, BE – On Friday, European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker suggested to German media that the EU could draw up tariffs on American products such as Kentucky Bourbon, Harley Davidson motorcycles, […]

Macht Facebook süchtig wie Alkohol oder Tabak?

DIE WELT: Eine Regulierung der Social-Media-Aktivitäten meint es vielleicht gut. Doch frühere Erfahrungen mit der Prohibition zeigen die Gefahr dann entstehender Grauzonen auf. Es gibt nur einen richtigen Weg. Bill Wirtz von Consumer Choice Center.

Experts weigh in on wine ban

SHERWOOD PARK NEWS: However, the economic impacts of a trade war could prove nasty for both provinces, according to David Clement, the Toronto-based manager of North American affairs for the Consumer Choice Center, despite the overwhelming support of the pipeline to Alberta’s workers and consumers.

Sour grapes: Alberta to stop importing B.C. wine over Kinder Morgan feud

NATIONAL OBSERVER: Likewise, the Toronto-based Consumer Choice Center condemned what it characterized as a “trade war” between the two provinces. North American affairs manager David Clement said in a press statement that Canadian consumers should not be “political pawns” in “disputes that have nothing to do with them.”

Alberta’s boycott of B.C. wine will hurt consumers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: David Clement North American Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center   Alberta’s boycott of B.C. wine will hurt consumers TORONTO, ON – The debate over the Trans Mountain pipeline came to a head on Tuesday, as Albertan Premier Rachel Notley announced the province will boycott wine from British Columbia as a […]

The Dangers of Cracking Down on Booze

SPIKED: Public-health lobbyists continuously tell us we are simply not doing enough to reduce drinking across the board. As a consequence, politicians have been doing exactly that: they tax and regulate our favourite drinks, with little interest for the unintended consequences.

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