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New cannabis bill in Congress actually numbered H.R. 420 (Newsletter: Jan. 10, 2019)

Marijuana Moment: The Consumer Choice Center released recommendations on provisions for marijuana legalization legislation.

New efforts in Brazil to expose regulatory plight of farmers everyday people

Brazilian farmers are looking at increased burdensome regulations that will make it harder for them to continue producing the food that many rely on. New regulations proposed by several members of the Brazilian Congress call for “plain packaging,” which would ban the use of advertisement in product packaging. In response, Consumer Choice Center (CCC) recently opened a […]

The Consumer Choice Center: A Lobby for consumers

A Freedom Today conversation with Fred Roeder of the CCC Why did you decide to launch the Consumer Choice Center? Back in 2014 i lived in Berlin and started loving the recently started services by the ride sharing company Uber. But just after a few months of service taxi drivers across Europe decided to go […]

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