Month: March 2019

Yorkshire Post letters

Social media has transformed our daily lives in a variety of ways: from business promotion to interpersonal communication. However, due to its extensive scope, it is easy to forget that it is not forced upon us in any way. Similar to the consumption of sugary products or junk food, to use or not to use […]

Taxing the sky: the EU’s next attack on consumers

As the back and forth on Brexit dominates political debate in the UK, the European Union, as ever, is working on new ways to make everyday life more irksome, intrusive, and overpriced. In May last year, the Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported: “here and there, it is suggested that environmental and health impacts should play a role […]

Five reasons why Europe lags behind on high-speed internet

Connectivity and low latency times are crucial for economic progress in developed states. While European policymakers don’t shy away from grand plans to keep the continent competitive, the essential ingredient for a successful digital strategy is the creation of a real digital single market within the European Union. Here are five major reasons why Europe […]

Broad Coalition calls on Congress to reclaim its authority on tariffs

Arlington, VA – A coalition of 30 organizations, including the Consumer Choice Center, led by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce released a letter today encouraging lawmakers to reclaim their tariff authority, which has been delegated to the executive branch. Read the letter HERE In the letter, the groups write: “As the […]

UK’s junk food advertising consultation decried as ‘patronising’

But Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst for the Consumer Choice Centre (CCC), said multiple problems arise with the proposal. “The first problem is the definition of what constitutes “junk food”. Take this practical example: 100 grams of foie gras has 462 calories, while a Big Mac burger of the same weight has only 257 calories. And […]

Ukraine agrees European poultry export agreement

Core Tip: Ukraine will be able to ramp up its chicken exports to the EU under a new poultry agreement reached with the European Commission. Ukraine will be able to ramp up its chicken exports to the EU under a new poultry agreement reached with the European Commission. The proposed deal will now be sent […]

Ukraine agrees European poultry export agreement

“Under the provisional agreement, the original 20,000-ton quota on chicken imports will be replaced by a 70,000-metric-ton figure,” said Maria Chaplia, Media Associate at the Consumer Choice Centre. “Even though these numbers seem promising, tariff quotas in their essence are harmful and infringe on consumer choice. “While limiting the number of chicken breast imports entering […]

Dutch Plans of an EU-wide Air Passenger Tax won’t fly High with Consumers

Last month, the Dutch government began circulating a position paper suggesting the EU should introduce a Union-wide air passenger departure tax on flights departing from the European Union. The paper promoted by the Netherland’s Secretary of State for Finance Menno Snel suggests a 7 EUR per passenger flight tax be rolled out within all Member […]

Arrêtons les polémiques stériles sur la fourrure

Beaucoup de choses sont dites sur la question de la fourrure, mais la réalité est que beaucoup d’activistes anti-fourrure vendent des mythes au nom d’une idéologie et ne s’intéressent guère aux faits et aux conséquences inattendues d’une éventuelle interdiction. La fourrure est devenue plus qu’une mode : elle est de plus en plus polémique, avec […]

Young people choose free trade – and the government should too

As the Brexit no-deal vote and the deadline itself approach, expectations of the UK seizing this opportunity and reclaiming its trading heritage are heating up. What will a post-Brexit UK choose: being a global advocate of free trade or a protectionist ex-EU state?  According to a poll conducted last month, UK voters would prioritise the protection of the farming […]

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