Month: March 2019

Warum Kunstpelze eine Gefahr für das Weltklima sind

Radikale Tierschschützer wie die der Organisation Peta verdammen Leder und Pelze. Doch Alternativen aus Kunstfasern haben gravierende Nachteile: Sie sind biologisch nicht abbaubar. Wie entscheidet sich der Verbraucher? Ob Seide, Kaschmir, Leder, Wolle oder Pelz – tierische Modeprodukte werden zunehmend kritisch betrachtet. Designer verzichten auf Pelz, Leute werden wegen ihrer Lederjacke auf der Straße angemacht, […]

Libertà di scelta anche nella moda

Le campagne animaliste possono essere un rischio per la libertà di scelta del consumatore Che si tratti di seta, cashmere, pelle o pelliccia, i prodotti di moda di derivazione animale sono sempre più al centro dell’attenzione di gruppi animalisti. Le campagne per bandire la pelliccia si sono trasformate in un movimento più ampio contro tutti […]

The real price of a new EU-US trade war

Last month, trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström told European trade ministers that if President Trump hits the EU with 25 per cent tariffs on cars, Brussels is prepared to hit back with tariffs on some $20 billion worth of American exports. Trade wars don’t involve the outright destruction of military action, but both kinds of conflict put […]

A North Carolina Republican is singlehandedly blocking progress on cannabis banking

For the 98 percent of Americans who live in states or jurisdictions with some level of cannabis legalization – whether recreational or medical – it is far past the time to have some legitimate banking options. There are now thousands of cannabis-related businesses that buy and sell goods and services, estimated to be worth over […]

An FDA pod vape ban would only serve to harm consumers

Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center calls Gottlieb’s comments ridiculous, especially considering this would remove a product from the shelves that has become so important in helping smokers quit. “A proposal to ban pod-based vape devices is probably one of the most anti-consumer and anti-health initiatives proposed by this FDA,” said Ossowski. […]

Увеличение “куриных” квот позволит европейцам питаться дешевле.

От позитивного решения ЕП выиграет европейский потребитель, который получит большой выбор продукта по низкой цене. Об этом заявила представитель “Центра выбора потребителя” (Consumer Choice Centre) Мария Чапля, передает Food and Drink International. Согласно предварительному соглашению, Еврокомиссия планирует увеличить импортную квоту на украинскую курятину – с 20 тыс. тонн до 70 тыс. тонн в год, напомнила […]

Збільшення “курячих” квот дозволить європейцям харчуватися дешевше

КИЇВ. 19 березня. УНН. Незабаром Україна отримає шанс збільшити експорт курятини в Європу. Це станеться, якщо Європарламент схвалить домовленість сторін про зміну угоди про зону вільної торгівлі. Від позитивного рішення ЄП виграє європейський споживач, який отримає великий вибір продукту за низькою ціною. Про це заявила представник “Центру вибору споживача” (Consumer Choice Centre) Марія Чапля, передає УНН з посиланням […]

Cuomo’s Out of Control Craving for an Opioid Slush Fund

Sometimes a bad idea is a bad idea, no matter how you package it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying again, after his $600 million opioid tax was slapped down in December by an Obama appointed federal judge. Proponents of the earlier tax scheme pointed to a key provision which forbade manufacturers from passing along […]

A pod vape ban would only serve to harm consumers

CONTACT:Yaël OssowskiDeputy DirectorConsumer Choice Centeryael@consumerchoicecenter.org An FDA pod vape ban would only serve to harm consumers Washington, D.C.: In comments at the Brookings Institution this week, outgoing FDA chief Scott Gottlieb suggested the agency may take pod-based nicotine products off the shelves in order to combat teen vaping. Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center […]

Ah … because oil is the problem, eateries (and patrons) pay the price

Jeff Stier of the Consumer Choice Center says all Americans are affected by what happens in the oceans and should all work to reduce pollution – but that doesn’t justify banning all uses of products, he argues.S “And it’s not only to ban plastics because they claim it winds up in the ocean,” he adds, “but [also] […]

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