Month: May 2018

Il est temps d’abolir l’OMS

LA CHRONIQUE AGORA: Les dérives de cette organisation dispendieuse et idéologique sont nombreuses et des organismes non gouvernementaux opèrent plus efficacement dans le domaine de la santé. Alors que la crise Ebola ravageait des pays africains en 2014, nous faisions confiance  à un certain nombre d’organisations internationales pour aider les pays d’Afrique occidentale tels que le […]

The Government’s ‘porn passes’ are a turn-off!

COMMENT CENTRAL: Bill Wirtz discusses proposals to require adult users to acquire so-called “porn passes” in stores to verify their age online.

Our Comment on WHO Independent High-Level Commission Report on Non-Communicable Diseases

LINKED ON WHO WEBSITE From:    Jeff Stier, Consumer Choice Center (NGO) To:         WHO Independent High-level Commission Date:   13 May, 2018 Re:      Comments on Draft Report The Consumer Choice Center shares the sentiment of the draft report of the WHO INDEPENDENT HIGH-LEVEL COMMISSION ON NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES that “a fresh working relationship must […]

Is Moral Panic Justified? The Effect of Alcohol Privatization on Impaired Driving in Alberta

By Heather Bone, Research Fellow, Consumer Choice Center Nearly every time the prospect of privatizing alcohol sales in Ontario is debated, there is a moral panic. If alcohol sales are privatized, the argument goes, alcohol will be more easily accessible, and there will be an increase in alcohol-related crime. In this research brief, I investigate […]

How Europe’s Pharmacy Lobby wants us to keep paying too much for Aspirin

VOCAL EUROPE: The European Union has been successful in opening and liberalizing many industries in the past decades. Among them telecommunication, airlines, and banking. All these liberalization efforts lead to lower prices and more choice for European consumers.

Environmentalists Are Sounding the Alarm: You’re Flying Too Much

FEE: In Europe, air travel has been a blissful example of how the free market can lower transport costs for consumers. But now, it is coming under fire from environmentalists.

How Germany is smoking other countries in e-cigarette regulation

HANDELSBLATT: Regulations-heavy Germany has taken a surprisingly lax stance on e-cigarettes and vaping laws. It’s the right approach, writes a policy analyst.

The CCC’s campaign to defund the World Health Organization

POLITICO: But the Consumer Choice Center seized on the WHO’s former inaction on Ebola to launch a campaign for the U.N. agency’s health budget to be scaled back. The center, which advocates for consumer freedom and has in the past received funding from tobacco companies, said the agency’s focus on non-communicable diseases over threats to global health […]


FINMAG: Světová zdravotnická organizace to je plýtvání penězi poplatníků. A její priority jsou úplně neuvěřitelně pokřivené.

Trump’s Ethanol Reforms Enhance Security, Save Jobs

NEWSMAX: At the end of 2017, a number of President Trump’s nominations to important government positions were held up by lawmakers that were pressing for reform of the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

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