Month: April 2018

Do credit unions still warrant a tax exemption?

AMERICAN BANKER MAGAZINE: Yael Ossowski, the deputy director at the Consumer Choice Center in Washington, D.C., said he began to pay more attention to credit union taxation after being struck by the presence of several large credit unions in his home state of North Carolina. “The huge footprint with a lot of these credit unions sparked […]

The Consumer Choice Center nominates INNCO for the 2018 EU Health Award

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director Consumer Choice Center yael@consumerchoicecenter.org Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org The Consumer Choice Center nominates INNCO for the 2018 EU Health Award The Consumer Choice Center welcomes DG SANTE’s decision to focus the 2018 EU Health Award for NGOs around the criteria to prevent tobacco use among young Europeans. CCC Deputy […]

An illustration of Europe’s anti-smoking obsession

VOCAL EUROPE: The European Union does everything it can to reduce the number of smokers in its member states. What appears to be a laudable goal, has turned into a fact-free obsession in recent years. In fact, member states and EU regulations have made the market less transparent for the consumer, and have made harm-reducing […]

Is the U.S. Now Freer than Europe in Terms of Marijuana Decriminalization?

FEE: In many regards, Europe is lagging far behind the U.S. when it comes to legal marijuana, writes Consumer Choice Center’s Bill Wirtz.

Earth Day has embraced hysteria and abandoned science

FOX NEWS: Among these advances, we would include ridesharing services, Airbnb, modern genetic engineering applied to agriculture, and state-of-the art agricultural chemicals. All these things enable us to do more with less – but they have been vilified by activists.

Local Cannabis Regulations Are Creating Pockets of Prohibition

VOICE OF SAN DIEGO: By allowing cannabis lounges, San Diego area officials could remove consumers from public spaces and boost the local economy. The black market for alcohol is nearly non-existent in California because consumers have relatively easy legal access to those products.

Un jugement sur la bière qui ne fait pas de sens, déplore Gérard Comeau

ACADIE NOUVELLE: L’organisme Consumer Choice Center estime qu’un coup a été porté aux droits des consommateurs. Il souligne que dans sondage mené en juillet 2017 par l’institut Nanos 93% des Canadiens interrogés se disaient favorables à l’achat et au transport d’alcool entre les provinces. «L’idée d’avoir une nation et un marché est la fondation sur laquelle […]

Kolumbiens wackeliger Erfolg oder wovon die nächsten Narcos-Staffeln handeln könnten

HUFFINGTON POST GERMANY: Spätestens seit dem Netflix-Erfolg Narcos kennt man Kolumbien als gespaltenes Land, das teilweise von Drogenkartellen, marxistischen Guerillas und korrupten Politikern geführt wird.

EPA Controversy Is Politics, Polluted

In all the humdrum surrounding public expenses in President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, there is certainly a case to be made that there was waste. First-class travel, a $43,000 secure phone line, and poor judgment for failure to prevent an appearance of impropriety for renting a bedroom from a lobbyist all deserve scrutiny. Anyone […]

Facebook Understands User Needs Better Than Congress Does

NATIONAL REVIEW: Market forces are doing a much better job of cleaning up the Internet than heavy-handed government regulations would. Ryan Khurana of the Consumer Choice Center comments on the Facebook hearings.

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