Month: January 2018

The Dangers of Cracking Down on Booze

SPIKED: Public-health lobbyists continuously tell us we are simply not doing enough to reduce drinking across the board. As a consequence, politicians have been doing exactly that: they tax and regulate our favourite drinks, with little interest for the unintended consequences.

Workers can’t afford tariffs or a trade war, President Trump

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Considering that millions of American consumers depend on imports for dozens of their appliances and goods at home, tariffs end up hurting them the most instead.

Are beer taxes becoming ridiculous?

BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER: Is Ottawa’s beer tax going too far? David Clement from the Consumer Choice Center explains why tying this federal excise tax to inflation is a bad deal.

Consumer group pans P.E.I. pot plans, says four retail outlets, three suppliers not enough

P.E.I. GUARDIAN: A consumer advocacy group says P.E.I. has not planned enough recreational marijuana sales outlets to deter people away from buying the product illegally.

Michael Bloomberg to Boost Nanny State Around the World

NEWSMAX: Former New York City mayor and known “public health advocate” Michael Bloomberg is composing a task force that will promote lifestyle regulations across the globe.

Plastic bag taxes are good intentions but bad economics

EUROPEAN SCIENTIST: EU and UK plastic taxes are not the right policy. They are not only an inconvenience for consumers, their positive environmental impact isn’t quite what it’s made out to be.

La politique de la peur n’a pas sa place dans la régulation des vices

CAFÉ BABEL: Les Etats et les entreprises privées se permettent de pratiquer la politique de la peur, afin d’influencer le comportements des consommateurs. Les deux ont tort.

Sin Taxes And The Nanny State

TOWNHALL: CCC Policy Analyst Bill Wirtz mentioned in an article on sin taxes worldwide.

World tobacco expert against Kahlon: ‘You’ve got a problem chaverim (guys)’

FORBES: Jeff Stier, one of the world’s leading experts on harm reduction, is attacking the Israeli Finance Minister’s decision to tax IQOS like regular cigarettes.

Big government might push your favorite TV and radio stations off the air

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Now, unfortunately, there might be another significant expansion of eminent domain — this time, into the digital realm.

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