Month: October 2017

Glyphosate : le Parlement européen demande une interdiction d’ici à cinq ans

MSN: En finir avec le glyphosate d’ici à cinq ans : voilà ce que souhaiteraient les députés européens

Consumer Choice Center Calls for End to CU Tax Exemption

ABA BANKING JOURNAL: CCC calls on the Trump administration and Congress to take steps to eliminate the credit union tax exemption as part of the broader plan to reform the U.S. tax code.

Glyphosate : les eurodéputés pour une interdiction d’ici à cinq ans, la Commission revoit sa copie

LE MONDE: Bruxelles a revu à la baisse sa proposition de renouvellement de l’herbicide dans l’Union à la veille du vote des Etats membres.

The EU’s war on competition

CAPX: Both the creation of cartels and the further imposition of tariffs makes the European Single Market less competitive, and, in an important way for all Europeans, less accommodating for consumers.

Congress shouldn’t dictate how water pipes are rebuilt

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Rather than rushing into a trillion-dollar program at the behest of Washington, D.C., we should use this time to think through the nature of the problems and the best long-term solutions to them at the state and local levels.

Why should banks pay taxes while credit unions get a break?

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: If Congress and the administration are serious about making America’s tax structure fairer, their first action should be to end the free ride enjoyed by large credit unions at the expense of banks and taxpayers.

Glyphosate lobbying intensifies ahead of EU vote

HORTICULTURE WEEK: “Any effort to ban pesticides which have been deemed safe by European health agencies will only end up raising the cost of food for consumers here and across the world,” said the Consumer Choice Center.

On glyphosate, we must support science-based public policy

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director Consumer Choice Center BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Today, the Consumer Choice Center joined the European Crop Protection Association, COPA-COGECA, Coceral, and Europabio in a signed letter addressed to the European Union’s policymakers considering a ban on glyphosate. The letter warns that EU policymakers cannot “allow emotion to let us slowly undermine our regulatory process […]

Guerre de Trump contre Bombardier : les consommateurs paient

LA CHRONIQUE AGORA: Trump a déclaré la guerre aux avionneurs concurrents de Boeing. Ce faisant, il pénalise ses propres électeurs qui subiront les hausses de prix résultant des droits de douanes.

Despite End of Sugar Quotas, the European Union Is Still Sweet on Protectionism

PANAM POST: Getting rid of sugar quotas was a good first step. However, the European Union now needs to be consequential and eliminate all market distortions, including those which are irregular payments, in the interests of consumers.

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